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Light Up Your Workspace: A Guide to Home Office Lighting

Home office lighting
As tempting as it might be, sitting up in bed all day with your Laptop is not great for your Productivity or for your Sleep and neither for your Back. The notion of a working from home has completely altered in recent years. This has changed from the once traditional Home Office cramped in a corner to a more Productive, Dynamic and Central working environment. 
Home Office Lighting is one of the major components that affects the function and appearance of your Home Office. This blog will reveal the top trends and concepts of Home Office Lighting, thus giving you an ideal atmosphere for your Home working environment.


Natural Light: The Golden Standard

Good natural lighting should underpin a home office lighting design. If feasible, position your desk near windows. Unlike Night lighting, Daylight reduces Eye Strain and also positively affects mood and overall energy. It is here to remain.




Home office natural day lighting
To ensure you to remain motivated and productive working from Home, we recommend setting up your Home Office Space in a highly lit area, potentially close to a window. Additionally this will help you relax and give you the opportunity to look beyond your bright computer screen and avoid eye strain.
home office lighting


Layered Lighting for Flexibility

For a functional Home Office during the day and night we recommend Layered lighting. The approach entails using various light sources to construct an environment both balanced and flexible. 
Begin with Ambient Lighting that will uniformly light up the entire room. You could then use a combination of Task Lighting for your work space. Also you want to ensure that when your sitting at your desk that you have bright lights without causing glare on your screen. Lastly, add Accent Lighting that will highlight the detail in your decor and will create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere during breaks.


Ambient lighting

Task Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Accent Lighting


The Rise of Smart Lighting

Home Office Lighting has become an integral part of the Smart Home Revolution. The Brightness and Colour of your lights can be personalized through Smart Bulbs and Strip Lighting.

Choose energizing Cool White light for tasks or Warm, relaxing tones for video conferences or reading breaks. You are in charge with Voice commands or a Mobile Apps. Check out some inspiration on Smart Lighting via our blog ‘The 7 Best Smart Home Trends’
smart office home lighting
Top Tips For Your Home Office Lighting

Natural Light

Employees who sat near to Natural Light experienced an 80% decline in issues such as Headaches, Eyestrain, and Blurred vision. Natural Daylight also helps with improving mood and energy.

 Avoid Screen Glare

If there is light hitting your screen, it can reflect and cause a Glare. Position the desk in order to avoid having your back to a window. You can also use an adjustable Laptop or Computer stand to adjust your screen away from the glare.

Dark Shadows 

Avoid sitting in an area with Dark Shadows which can cause eye strain. You can use Desk Lamps to avoid Shadows by selecting the correct angle to direct the light or illuminate your space with Natural Light.


Energy Efficiency Lighting

With the advent of the ‘Green’ World, Energy-Saving Lighting becomes crucial. Especially as energy bills are sky rocketing, we recommend opting in for LED Lighting for Home Offices.
 Firstly, LED Bulbs have a longer lifespan which means that they don’t need to be replaced frequently. Also, they consume very little Energy. 
Sustainability is not only a trend; it is a commitment towards a greener future.
LED Light bulb


Personalised Lighting Solutions

Home Office spaces differ in design and lighting. Therefore we recommend personalised Custom Lighting for you office space, which will continue to evolve with your Office set up.
Desk Lamps can be adjusted, Pendant Lights could also be used, or even Track Lighting could be used to create the right lighting and ambience for your workspace. Opt for a light fitting that matches your individual taste and brings a Modern or Traditional style to your home office.


The Bottom Line:

Your Home Office Lighting should be both functional and attractive. Also we recommend buying lights that boost productivity, improve your wellbeing, and make your working environment enjoyable.
Additionally, as the distinction between work and home has become blurred, your Home Office Lights should provide an ambiance conducive to your well being and productivity. Thus, light up your way to success and take some time to design your office lighting layout for your home.
We would love for you to share your Home office lighting ideas and tips below..
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