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Emergency Downlight 3 Hour EMG

£14.99 + VAT
Essential in case of emergency power cuts with a 3 hour power backup. The light is recessed and easy to

Emergency Fire Exit Sign (Left/Right)

£18.33 + VAT
This high quality LED fire exit sign can be operated in a maintained or non maintained mode, the low profile

Emergency Bulkhead IP65 (3513)

£12.49 + VAT
Wattage: 4W Size: 350mm x 180mm Maintained or Non Maintained 3 hour EMG back up Rechargeable battery IP65 weatherproof LED fitting

Emergency Bulkhead IP65 (3511C)

£12.49 + VAT
Energy efficient IP65 LED emergency bulkhead uses only 4W of power. Supplied with a Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack to provide

Emergency Fire Exit (Hanging)

£18.33 + VAT
A stylish fitting suitable for installation on ceilings above emergency exits where wall mounting is not suitable or available or where double sided viewing is required. The fitting uses 4W LEDs and an integral supply to ensure 3 hrs of standby time in an emergency situation. Wattage: 4W Size: 350mm x 200mm Battery backup: 3hrs IP Rating: 20

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is essential for any commercial and industrial building. Our lighting will illuminate spaces and indicate where emergency exits are situated so personnel have assistance in finding the right direction to leave an area safely. Emergency lighting is usually found within offices and retail areas where there is a need for illuminating the exit areas.

These lights are a secondary light in case there is an emergency power shortage within the building  or area. Therefore, it is essential you have these lights installed in order to comply with fire safety regulations.

Choose from our range of emergency lights, from emergency bulkheads to downlights, whatever it is you need, we have the solution for you.