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Recessed LED panel lights are easily retrofitted and provide a sleek and discreet way of installing lights in your ceiling. With its flush design, you can have a seamless design that works for you.

Recessed LED panel lights replace old fluorescent ceiling lights in offices and retail premises. The LED panels are much thinner and emit more lumens, giving you more brightness per wattage compared to an older lighting system.

The recessed LED panels are placed within aluminium housing and quality plastic materials to ensure that the light runs efficiently as possible.

The aluminium housing helps to keep all the internals together within a lightweight casing which also helps to ensure cooling is achieved and the lights run at an optimal temperature.

We have different options available, in single colour and multi-colour options including new ultra thing panels, recessed and surface mounted models.

Why choose Ecobrite?

We are the UK’s leading lighting company, innovating with new products and creating truly unique and stylish lighting products for your home or project. With years of experience, we understand what it means to be a customer and the things needed to help you along the way in choosing the right light.

From our friendly customer service and expert advice to our world class products created with only the best materials. That is why we have a dedicated team to ensure that all our customers are satisfied, and their needs are taken care of.

Our aim is to help you find the perfect lighting product, whether it’s for your new home, a refurbishment, commercial project or even just changing a bulb, we are ready to help. Visit one of our dedicated showrooms, with a display of all our new extensive range of products on display, our staff will help you with the process.

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