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9 Creative Ideas for Hotel & Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting

Lighting in the Hospitality Industry has surpassed it’s purely functional role and has now become a crucial element of interior design, as well as creating the perfect ambience and branding. In this blog, we’ll explore the latest trends and design ideas for Hotel and Restaurant Lighting that will help you craft an Atmosphere that enhances the dining or drinking experience, making it memorable for your customers.

1. Statement Chandeliers

Chandelier are making a comeback and are now not limited to traditional settings. Hotel’s and Restaurants are embracing Grand Chandeliers using them as bold focal points to add drama and class to their commercial spaces and environments. Moreover, expect to see innovative designs that marry classic elegant charm with contemporary style.

2. Warm and Inviting Ambiance

Modern Chandeliers and Over Sized Pendant Lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, this enhances the dinning and entertaining experience for your customers and clients. Additionally, Lighting Temperatures such as Soft, Warm lighting with Warm White and Amber hues is being used to evoke a sense of cosiness and comfort within these settings. 

Furthermore, this trend is especially prevalent in Boutique Hotels and Restaurants in order to create an intimate dining experience for clients. Explore a range of stunning ceiling lights with our Pendant Lighting collection.


3. Dynamic Lighting Scenes

Hotels and Restaurants are increasingly turning to Dynamic Lighting systems that allow them to adjust the ambiance throughout the day. Additionally, whether it’s transforming a cosy Breakfast nook into a lively evening Bar or adjusting Lighting to suit different events, flexibility is key for the perfect mood setting. Moreover, we recommend Track Lighting, Strip Lighting or Light Temperature Control Lighting for these spaces.

Hotel room recessed lighting

4. High-Tech Lighting Dining Experiences

The landscape of dining experiences is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the integration of innovative technology. Furthermore, gone are the days when Restaurants solely relied on delicious cuisine to captivate their guests. Nowadays, establishments are embracing state-of-the-art Lighting that elevates the Dining experience and creates a multi-sensory journey.

One such advancement gaining traction in the industry is interactive lighting systems that seamlessly synchronize with the food being served. This ground breaking feature creates a multi-sensory journey for diners, where each dish comes alive through carefully choreographed illuminations.



5. Artistic Lighting Fixtures

Barber Shops, Restaurants and Bars are becoming Artistic in there approach to Lighting fixtures. Additionally, with Retro and Vintage Lighting fixtures becoming works of Art. These businesses are investing in Unique and Artistic Designs that double as eye-catching decor. These fixtures add character, elegance, and a sense of luxury to any space. Therefore, invest in some Retro lightfor your commercial space and create that Vintage style, check out our article on ‘Lighting Trends For 2023‘ for more inspiration.


6. Scenic Panel Lighting Design 

Scenic Panel Lighting transforms spaces into visually captivating environments and landscapes. Furthermore, create a fantastic open sky design that will act as mood lighting for confined or smaller spaces in order to give an impression of open space, creating stunning visual landscapes.

Additionally, these LED Panel Lights offer a decorative alternative to the standard ceiling office panels and can be used in Office spaces, Meeting rooms, Waiting Rooms, Hotels and Barbers.


7. Outdoor Lighting – Dining & Relaxing

With the growing popularity of Outdoor Dining and relaxation spaces, Outdoor Lighting is receiving special attention. Furthermore, expect to see innovative Outdoor Lighting solutions, such as String Lights, Fire Pit illumination, and Landscape Lighting, enhancing the overall experience in Restaurants & Hotels to create Al Fresco ambiance.

Neon branded design lighting



8. Customised Branded Lighting

Hotels, Bars and Restaurants have been using Customized Lighting such as Neon signs to create their brand identity. Additionally, from incorporating logo-inspired designs to Projector style logos that display branding on the floor to choosing colours that reflect their image, lighting plays a pivotal role in branding. 

Furthermore, invest in a Bespoke branded lighting design for your business to add a touch of customisation to your brand.



9. Strip & Batten Lighting

Strip and Batten Lighting solutions are great for Restaurants or Hotel Bars to enhance your Restaurant’s ambiance and aesthetics. These versatile lighting fixtures are meant to turn your commercial space into a visual heaven. 

Whether your looking to achieve a relaxed and intimate ambiance for your customers or trying to achieve a more elegant and sharp appearance, Strip and Batten lighting offers the flexibility and style to enhance your commercial space into a modern ambient environment.

Tips For Commercial Lighting 

Creating the perfect ambiance using Lighting in a Bar or Restaurant involves a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and mood-setting.

 Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve ambient lighting:

1. Define Your Theme:
For instance think about the style and concept of your restaurant/bar or its target audience. Furthermore, Lighting, of course, is important for a consistent brand identity and overall theme.

2. Layered Lighting:
Additionally, we recommend implementing layered lighting using three primary types of lighting: Ambient, Task, and Accent.

  • Ambient Lighting: Offers Ambient lighting and create an inviting atmosphere. Create a cosy atmosphere with soft, warm lighting.
  • Task Lighting: Provide appropriate Task Lights around Dining areas, Bars, and workstations to improve functionality.
  • Accent Lighting: Highlight architectural features, Artworks and other decorating items with Accent lighting.

3. Dimmers for Control:
Install dimmer switches for flexibility. Most importantly, these enable you to control the light intensity according to the day and events.

4. Warm Colour Temperatures:
For cosy ambience lighting, go with Warm Colour Temperatures, around 2700-3000 Kelvin is recommended.

5. Pendant Lights and Chandeliers:
Focal points can be created by installing Pendant lights or Chandeliers above Dining tables or Bar counters. Additionally, these can lend a touch of class and charm to your room.

6. Wall Sconces and Up lighting:
Highlight walls with gentle glows using Wall Sconces and Up Lighting to create spaciousness and visual appeal.

7. Candlelight Effect:
Set up Candles or LED Candles on dining tables to create a romantic and cosy ambiance. Additionally, Wall lights such as a Vintage Wall Light can also be installed to create a candle light effect.

8. Neon and Custom Signs:
For instance, you could opt for Neon Signs or Bespoke Lighting installations with a personality that matches your brand. Furthermore this sign could be used for your Social media branding and Instagram feeds.

9. Outdoor Lighting:
Light up your Outdoor Dining area by adding String Lights, Fire Pit, or Landscape Lighting.

10. Music and Lighting Sync:

Synchronize your lighting with music playlists to create an amazing vibe and experience. For example using Bluetooth Speaker Lights.

11. Smart Lighting Control:

Invest in Smart Lighting control systems that allow you to program different lighting scenes for various times of the day or special events.


Summarising Commercial Lighting:

In conclusion, we have shared some great insight and tips into Hotel & Restaurant Lighting and ways in which you can create the perfect ambience and environment in your Hospitality setting.


Now we’d like to hear your thoughts on Hotel & Restaurant Lighting? Let us know below, what type of Commercial Lighting you would like to see trending

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