Technical information

Recessed & Surface panel explained

A recessed light is a ceiling light which goes into the ceiling, this usually required a false ceiling such as a plasterboard type construction to install this type of lighting, for easy installation.

However, some properties do not have a false ceiling, and therefore require other methods to install a panel light.

We would recommend using a surface panel, which lands flush against the ceiling, and therefore does not require a cut-out for the panel to be installed.

The problem presented by the majority of surface panels on the market, is the bulky and thick nature of the ‘surface’ panel, which do not look as good as a recessed panel, which is slim and more pleasing aesthetically.

But now, with our SU/RC panels, you no longer have this problem. Designed to have the aesthetics of a recessed panel, but with the functionality of a surface panel that does not require a cut-out for installation.

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