Reasons to switch to LED

LED lighting does not require high voltage to operate. It would be efficient enough for solar power source to supply the electricity for LED lighting due to the low voltage requirements.

The same amount of heat as incandescent lighting is not produced, making the LED lighting not hot when touched in comparison. Therefore, making it ideal for lighting up areas/things that require longer use of light.


When compared to other lighting, LED’s have around 50,000 hours or operational life. Which is substantially longer than halogen lighting, roughly 20/30 times more efficient, and up to 50 times more than incandescent lighting.

Unlike traditional lighting, the LED towards the end of it’s lifetime will not stop immediately stop working, it will simply emit a lower output of light making it become less bright than it was before.


In terms of electricity consumption, there is a saving of 80/90% compared to other lighting. The energy that is used to power the LED is not completely wasted and converted to heat, and actually used 80/90% of the energy used, making it more extremely efficient. While in comparison incandescent bulbs have the reversed figure, only using 20% of the energy, while the other 80% is wasted as heat.


LED’s have little maintenance, as they do not need to be replaced as often as other forms of lighting. This can make a significant difference in places where specialist maintenance teams are needed, which can be time consuming and costly.


LED’s are created in order to become long lasting and durable, created with components that can withstand outdoor/indoor applications, having undergone multiple different tests to ensure this. Fluorescent lamps are more likely to be affected by outdoor climates, making them less reliable in comparison to LED’s which are created to withstand such conditions.


Other forms of lighting contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, which are dangerous. LED lighting do not emit UV rays or have harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. LED’s are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce any carbon footprint’s left behind.

LED’s are able to work as much as 25 incandescent light bulbs over its lifetime. Material and production is also a lot more efficient.


LED’s have amazing design flexibility, as they can be designed in any shape or size, with various options such as dimmable, colour, light distribution and many other controls over the light. LED’s can be designed for any purpose, and many situations warrant different applications, such as the beam angel, illumination, settings etc.


LED lighting works immediately once turned on. Making it ideal for places that need lighting instantaneously. Turning the LED lights on and off does not change the longevity of the lights, while traditional lights are affected by this on and off cycle and reduces its operational life.


This is the best time to switch to LED lighting, as the world moves away from traditional lighting and towards a more sustainable future.

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