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Light + Building Event: Our Experience in Frankfurt

Our team had an exciting experience at the Light + Building event in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The event was a leading trade fair for lighting, showcasing innovative lighting designs and technologies. With over 2,700 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, the event provided a wide range of new products and cutting-edge solutions for the lighting industry.

Networking with Leading Design Teams and Companies

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to network with leading design teams in the industry. Our team engaged with representatives from various companies, discussed potential partnerships, and identified exciting opportunities for future collaborations. Furthermore, we were able to connect with a diverse range of professionals in the industry, expanding our network and knowledge base.

Learning Opportunities at Light + Building Event

In addition to networking, we attended numerous presentations and workshops covering topics such as lighting design, new technologies, and energy efficiency. These opportunities helped us stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field and better understand the industry’s direction. Moreover, the event provided a platform for knowledge sharing among professionals, promoting growth and development in the field.

Focus on Energy Efficiency in Lighting Design

Energy efficiency in lighting design was a key takeaway from the event. Many exhibitors showcased products that not only provide excellent lighting solutions but also reduce energy consumption. This aligns with our company’s sustainability values, and we are exploring new ways to integrate energy-efficient lighting designs into our future projects. By focusing on energy efficiency, we can reduce our environmental impact while still providing high-quality lighting solutions to our clients.


Our visit to the Light + Building event was enriching and worthwhile overall. We connected with industry leaders, learned about new trends and technologies, and gained valuable insights that will help us stay competitive in the market. In conclusion, attending future events will continue to help us innovate and grow in the field of lighting design.


Light + Building, Messe Frankfurt


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