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Lighting for barber Shops & Salons.

Over the years, we have supplied countless salons and barber shops with lighting. All with different styles, reflecting the owners own design and stylistic choices.

We provide the lighting suitable for their location, target demographic and the look/style they want to convey.

Filament style

The owner of this establishment asked for filament lighting, holders and accessories.

We provided lighting that compliments the wooden finishes, sturdy traditional chairs and desks, and the overall warm lighting that was requested.

Located within a busy student area, the owner understands that students tend to be style conscious, and would appreciate the finer details in this barber shop.

This one is one of our personal favourites, and hope to supply their lighting needs in the future when they expand!


Beautiful modern/futuristic lighting design, combined with traditional oak panels and mirrors, this is one of our favourites.

The owner wanted something that was traditional, but modern and simplistic.

We provided the panel lighting, ceiling lights and the strip lighting for this establishment.

Amazing job on the decor, and the attention to detail is superb.

Abstract in design, this barber shop gathers various shapes to create its own unique design.

We love the use of contrasting colours to create a bold, yet tame ambiance.

We supplied the panel lights, large ceiling lights and the strip lights for this establishment.

The use of minimalistic design really works perfectly with this salon. Using minimal colours, the black and white contrast is always perfect.

Our 600 x 600 Daylight panels and regular 24W round panels blend in with the ceiling, creating a seamless design that does not detract away from the ambiance of the salon.

Beautiful, and Elegant.

Another perfect example of using a simplistic design to present a modern barber shop.

The use of black and white, and the suitable touch of wooden effect flooring gives this barber shop a sense of professionalism. Ideal for any barber shop.

We provided the panel lighting for this establishment.

These are just some of our favourite barber shops and salons we have worked on, and we hope this gives you some inspiration for your own business!

Ee are more than happy to help you with the design and choice of lighting, all you have to do is come in to store, or drop us an email to [email protected] with your requirements!

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