LED bulbs explained

LED lights are the most efficient way of lighting your home or business. The use of energy is minimal, and the lifetime durability is currently anywhere from 20,000 hours to 50,000 hours depending on the product and specifications.

Unlike other conventional lighting, they turn on instantly when switched on.

Early LED lights were expensive, but now with years of developments, you can purchase them at the same price or even cheaper than traditional halogen or florescent lighting.

Most lights are now being switched over to LED as a first choice for many homes and businesses.

This is due to the inexpensive running costs and easy to replace nature of the LED lights, with many being an easy retrospective fit.

What are the advantages?

The bulbs provide the following benefits;

  • More energy-efficient than traditional lights. They can use up to 90% less energy in comparison to incandescents and will eventually pay for themselves through electricity bill savings.
  • LED’s can last up to 50,000 hours, depending on use and the lighting product.
  • LED’s also work fine in low temperatures, and are more robust in build and quality.

In conclusion, LED’s are an ideal replacement for older traditional lighting systems, and will have a wider range of benefits if used.

We recommend you change all the lighting with your home in order to reduce you energy bill.

Not only does this have a positive impact on your wallet, it also helps with reducing the carbon footprint by using less energy and only the necessary amount of electricity.

Currently, there is a switch to more advanced and ‘smart’ technology, such as app controlled lighting.

However, the market into this is currently at an infancy, but will reach mainstream consumers eventually.

We recommend starting with traditional hardwired lighting for now, and eventually switch to more app driven smart technology.

Hybrid lighting technology also exists, with ‘smart’ in-built features, such as colour changing lights via a switch.

You can calculate your savings through our website.

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